Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Poem - Child's Play

Before I close my eyes, I looked around
Colorful decoration is all that surround

One glance at the brightly lit room
A quick one at the underlying broom

Dad said Santa comes at midnight
Tis the reason this year I didn’t fight

With a glint in my eye
I had made a small pie

The old socks had been replaced
And new shiny ones were placed

I had tried to be modest with my demands
Didn’t wanted to be left with just Christmas bands

The light flickered and things started to shake
I pulled the blankets, no chances to take

Something was wrong, this was not right
Someone had broken in, time to fight

The baseball bat was lying by the bed
I wanted to move, my hands went dead

I wanted to shriek and call for mummy
But the guy was huge, sported a tummy

I lowered my guard and peeked from the side
Sound of the swooshing river, it was high tide

At the stroke of midnight
I got up and stood tight

The figure was nowhere in sight
Seeing me, must have taken flight

As I was getting back in my bed
Something caught my attention, it was red

In a corner of the room, where the socks lay
Something was amiss, or it was just light play

As I moved towards it I could realize
The man who had just come in disguise

Merry Christmas

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