Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Loving Husband

Meena sat perched on the side table and looked lovingly at the clean shaved man who was lying half naked on the bed. She had never been a big fan of arranged marriages and had tried hard to not get married to a taxi driver. But she relented when she found that Raj was working with Ultra cabs. It was a matter of prestige and those plying these ultra luxurious sedans were considered a notch higher than the other lowly regular cab drivers.

Two years post their marriage and after having faced numerous hardships Raj was able to get the vehicle registered in his name. It had been a struggle with long working hours and putting in extra time to compensate for the fluctuation in daily income.

This was a special day for Meena as her test results had turned out positive and she was debating on how to break the news to Raj. After much deliberation she had thought of the perfect way to surprise her husband. It was crazy indeed but she had never been so excited and wanted it to be special for both of them.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Do Not Disturb's

Writing after a long time (almost a year). Please excuse the apparent mistakes. 

Raghu ran round the corner of the building with two of his younger cousins looking out for the ball which had been hit by Sagar at a ferocious speed. There was a tacit agreement between the 'Gully boys' that the ball should not cross the third building in the row as there was a steep turn that opened on the main road. Traffic, even at this point of day was quite heavy and as such the kids made sure they did not get into trouble by having clearly laid down rules.

However, today Sagar was in a different frame of mind as he was facing a tough time at home. The other kids had heard strange noises coming from his house and there were visible bruises on his left cheek. Occasionally there were sounds of crockery smashing and sounds of women crying. Neighbors had offered to help them out but in return Sagar was told to keep out and play with his friends while this sign was hung outside the Mehta residence -

Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Poem - Child's Play

Before I close my eyes, I looked around
Colorful decoration is all that surround

One glance at the brightly lit room
A quick one at the underlying broom

Dad said Santa comes at midnight
Tis the reason this year I didn’t fight

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Bankster – Book Review

One fine day as I was sitting idly in my hostel room I decided to enroll for BlogAdda’s book review program. It was a win-win situation. First I would get to read a book for free (believe me we Marwaris have an obsession with anything ‘FREE’). In a way it is just like Harshita from the book I picked for my first review called “The Bankster”

Monday, October 8, 2012

Summers Time

This time last year we had butterflies fluttering in our tummies.
This time last year we were in a trance.
This time last year we were walking around like mummies.
This time last year we had big plans.